Position Overview

We are currently looking for a Junior Life Cycle Management Specialist to support the Director of Major Surface Combatant External Communications Technical Authority (TA) in updating, maintaining and managing equipment and systems related to VLF/LF/HF/VHF/UHF/SHF and EHF radio communications on all classes of Royal Canadian Navy ships and auxiliary vessels.


  • Identification and recommendation of supporting material for communications equipment and systems
  • Preparation of draft specifications and purchase descriptions
  • Research and verification of procurement data and item descriptions
  • Reviewing cataloguing advice and confirmation requests
  • Requesting Canadian Forces Technical Orders ID numbers for maintenance documentation
  • Reviewing Repairable Material Requests and recommending disposition
  • Reviewing Repairable Arising Checklist Sheets for technical content and make recommendations to Item managers
  • Responding to queries from supply managers and providing technical advice
  • Reviewing and modifying material/equipment specifications
  • Advise on disposition of expired material
  • Participate in set-to-work trials
  • Provide engineering, technical and maintenance support to the Fleet Maintenance Facilities (FMF)
  • Assist in preparing specifications for third line refits and equipment repair procedures
  • Prepare and process Engineering Change documentation within the Divisional framework for project approval and implementation
  • Develop technical guidance packages to support the development of detailed engineering specifications
  • Review and redline-correct detailed engineering specifications produced by FMF or other Design Agents
  • Develop, review and verify Test Sheets for in-service equipment and systems
  • Develop, review and verify Trial Agendas for in-service equipment and systems
  • Develop, review and verify Planned Maintenance Schedules for in-service equipment and systems
  • Develop, review and verify Equipment Support Lists for in-service equipment and systems
  • Review, edit and verify Technical Publications for in-service equipment and systems
  • Review and recommend Repair and Overhaul specifications, Standard Ships Maintenance and Repair Specifications and training documentation
  • Assist in the production of Statements of Requirement, Statements of Work and evaluation criteria for procurement of new material and systems
  • Produce naval equipment modification documentation (CANAVMODS) and technical bulletins (TBs)
  • Assist in preparation and execution of Technical Evaluations and Operational Evaluations
  • Review and identify equipment containing hazardous components or materials
  • Review and advise on equipment obsolescence issues
  • Provide technical support to identify radio frequency hazards to personnel, ordinance and fuel
  • Provide technical support to identify radio frequency compatibility and interference issues for new or existing equipment installations
  • Evaluate and recommend responses to Unsatisfactory Condition Reports; and ae. Other tasks as identified by the TA in support of radio equipment maintenance


  • Must be elgible for or hold a valid Secret – Level II (or higher) Clearance with the Government of Canada
  • Two (2) years of experience, within the last ten (10) years supporting Life Cycle Material Management (LCMM) functions for Naval Communications Systems